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  1. FreshCUP™ is part of the Eden Springs Group – one of Europe’s foremost water and coffee companies.
  2. FreshCUP™ is the only device designed from the start for office kitchens, providing a speedy, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. At FreshCUP’s core is our proprietary and highly efficient Biocleanser detergent formula which washes up to 3 cups in each 30 second cycle.
  3. Each measure of FreshCUP™’s patented detergent formula washes is good for 1000 cups. It consists of water softening agents, low foam amphoteric surfactant, solvents, anti-corrosion agents, complexing agents, anti-bacterial agents, and it is free from alkali or acid.
  4. FreshCUP™ is approved by Israeli and international health authorities and employs the strictest quality control practices.
  5. A formal lab test to check FreshCUP™’s sanitizing efficiency examined coffee cups contaminated (a.k.a. used) by healthy users. The study concluded that: FreshCUP™ is a very high efficiency anti-microbial device, capable of obliterating nearly all types of microorganisms that exist in mouth flora.
  6. Another test comparing FreshCUP’s™ Biocleanser detergent to regular dishwashing soaps, checked for residue of “toxic” substances on cups. It revealed the following: FreshCUP™ liquid detergents do not contain any toxic substances.
  7. FreshCUP™’s team of engineers set out to develop a compact device that was easy to use, and that’s exactly what they did: place your cup(s), press the button and seconds later – the cup is sparkling clean and ready to use.
  8. FreshCUP™ plays a vital role in helping to save the planet: not only does it dispose of the need for disposables (saving you money along the way), the patented detergent formula is made from biological matter and is biodegradable.
  9. FreshCUP™ is made to last. The device is engineered for massive usage, but requires minimal maintenance, providing years of reliable, worry-free service.
  10. FreshCUP™ fits everywhere – Its compact design makes FreshCUP™ a space saver, suitable for almost any office kitchen.